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NOCTUA NA-SAV2 chromax.White

NOCTUA NA-SAV2 chromax.White

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Ražotājs: NOCTUA
Ražotāja kods: NA-SAV2.white
Garantija: 12 mēnešus

Vibrationfree installation for lower noise emission Fans installed with standard fan screws can transmit minute vibrations to the PC case which can lead to annoying resonance noises. Switching standard fan screws for NAAV2 mounts can drastically reduce these structureborne noises by effectively decoupling the fan from the PC case. Doubleside design Compared to conventional singleside antivibration mounts the NAAV2?s doubleside design makes them much easier to work with in spacerestricted environments or placements where the fan?s mounting holes are difficult to reach. Extra soft and highly tearproof The use of premiumgrade silicone makes the NAAV2 mounts both extra soft and highly tearproof allowing them to combine efficient decoupling with excellent longevity and ease of use. Compatible with most Noctua and thirdparty fans The NAAV2 mounts are designed to work with most openflange fans with standard 4.3mm mounting holes. They are compatible with all current Noctua fans including redux and industrialPPC models as well as many thirdparty fans.

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