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Ražotājs: NOCTUA
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Vibration dampening for lower noise emission Fans can transmit minute vibrations to the PC case CPU cooler watercooling radiator or other devices theyre installed in which can lead to annoying resonance noises. The NAAVP1 pads can help to reduce the transmission of structureborne noises and thus lower your PCs overall noise level. Extra soft and highly tearproof The use of premiumgrade silicone makes the NAAVP1 pads both extra soft and highly tearproof allowing them to combine efficient decoupling with excellent longevity and ease of use. Compatible with many Noctua 120/140mm models The NAAVP1 pads are compatible with many popular Noctua 120 and 140mm fan models and are particularly suited for colourcoordinating black industrialPPC models to specific build themes. Please see our compatibility information for details. Which fans are compatible with the NAAVP1 antivibration pads The NAAVP1 antivibration pads are compatible with the following Noctua fans here: x NFF12 PWM x NFF12 industrialPPC2000 x NFF12 industrialPPC2000 PWM x NFF12 industrialPPC2000 IP67 PWM x NFF12 industrialPPC3000 PWM x NFF12 industrialPPC24V2000 IP67 PWM x NFF12 industrialPPC24V3000 IP67 PWM x NFS12A PWM x NFS12A FLX x NFS12A ULN x NFA14 PWM x NFA14 FLX x NFA14 ULN x NFA14 industrialPPC2000 x NFA14 industrialPPC2000 PWM x NFA14 industrialPPC2000 IP67 PWM x NFA14 industrialPPC3000 PWM x NFA14 industrialPPC24V2000 IP67 PWM x NFA14 industrialPPC24V3000 IP67 PWM Please note that the NAAVP1 pads cannot be used with other fans and are not compatible with thirdparty fans.

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